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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines, Bud Cutting Machines, Two Way Bud Cutting Machines from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

We Sumeet Technologies, are the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter's of Sumeet's "Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines" for Single Eye Bud Method for Making Sugarcane Seedlings. Traditional Sugarcane Bud Process:

In Sugarcane Nurseries, generally traditional cutting tools are used for cutting sugarcane buds. however, it is complex, laborious and time consuming work.

Following are some of the reasons of it :

  • If a person can cut 250 sugarcane buds in one hour, he / she will cut 2,500 sugarcane buds in 8 hours.
  • While cutting sugarcane buds using traditional cutting tools, the sugar buds and remains get mixed. Hence additional efforts requires separating sugarcane buds from the remains.
  • While cutting sugarcane buds using traditional cutting tools, it is difficult to main the same size of the sugarcane buds. As a result, 20 to 25% sugarcane buds do not fit in the tray.
  • Cutting Sugarcane buds using traditional tools is a very laborious work, hence it requires very skillful labors.

Sumeet's "Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines" Process :
Considering all above limitations and drawbacks, Sumeet Technologies did a research and developed a " Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines" in two model ( 2-way and 4-way ).

Please find attached some videos of our machine's working / operation.

As on date we have supplied more than 2000 machines for individual growers, Nurseries, and Sugar Factories in states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujrat, M P, A P, U P, etc.

We are also pleased to inform you that we have exported " Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines" to Fiji, Mauritius and Australia, Uganda, Jamica, Brazil, Phillipines, Kenya, Pakistan, Colombia, America, France Etc.

We would like to give some features of our "Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines"

  • 1. No power required,
  • 2. Bud size is fix ( 1.5 Inch & 3 Inch )
  • 3. Also can be made the cutting size suitable to fit in seedling trays
  • 4. Blades are grinded from both sides ( top and bottom )
  • 5. Sturdy metal body duly powder coated.

Because of all the above extraordinary features, Sumeet's "Sugarcane Bud Cutting Machines" has become a blessing for the sugarcane nurseries.

If you need any further information please ask us. If you need any references of people who are using our machines, we can provide them from your area.

Sugar Cane Bud Cutting Machine Specifications
Machine Type ( 2 - Way ) ( 4 - Way )
No of cutting Points 2 4
Electric Motor 1 HP 1 HP
Gear Box 1 Set 1 Set
Over all Size ( mm ) 350 x 1050 x 600 1200 x 1200 x 600
Wt ( kg ) 80 kg 120 kg
Production Per Hr 5200 No. 10400 No.